Frequently Asked Questions

Why the change?

We have come to the point where our current scheduling system has become outdated and no longer effectively serves our needs. Not only would we like to improve the quality of our services, but in order for us to operate smoothly, we need to make more efficient use of our resources. Through this new system, we will be offering workshops, performances, summer camps, showcases and more.

How does it work?

The first step is to register for an account that will allow you to enroll in your class. Once in the system, you’ll locate your class and then check out. IMPORTANT: you must complete the checkout process to be confirmed in your class. If you do not, you have until midnight (of the day you started the process) to complete it before the system drops you from the class. You may restart the enrollment process later (you will not need to re-register for an account). 

My lessons are on Mondays, and my start date shows up as Labor Day. Will you really be teaching that day?

Palisades Music School will be closed that whole week.  On the date that we announce this, a few weeks prior as usual, that change to your lesson date will be reflected in the system, as will any lessons that fall on weeks we are closed.

Why do I have to pay now?

Paying for your slot now is the only way we can guarantee it, and in turn, the only way we can know what slots we have left to offer new students. You are not paying extra; you are simply paying ahead of time.  Your initial payment covers your September lessons; the next charge will be for your October lessons, and so on. Once you are confirmed in your class, you will be removed from the current auto-pay system, effective August 25th. (You will not have to re-enroll unless you discontinue at any point.)

What benefits are there to using the new system?

You will be able to add new students to classes (siblings, etc.), update information like email address and payment method, peruse a course list, enroll in a workshop, instrumental lessons, summer camps, and more.